Video Gallery

Here you get to watch snippet service videos of what we do at our workshop and how we get the job done!

Brake Disc Skimming

Brake Discs, Drums and Flywheels require skimming when they become warped, i.e. steering judder, during braking / clutch judder. It is important to note that sometimes when buying brand new discs cheaper, the discs are not stress relieved. As the brakes are used the brake discs/drum warps on use. Skimming the discs/drum will elimate this issue.
Vehicles stored for long period show signs of rust (MOT failure). These will require a skim to clean the face and remove rust.
Larger diametre and more expensive brake discs are costly to replace, instead the customer can skim them to restore condition.
Flywheels can be skimmed further to reduce weight if required or requested.