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Remap Rating:


Fuel Economy   Before: 51MPG | After: 58MPG

Power   Initial: 140BHP | Tuned: 180BHP

Torque   Initial: 320N·m | Modified: 400N·m

The VW Golf is a car that holds a special part in many hearts and is a much loved & most desired vehicle on the roads of Britain. You can imagine the joy and excitement we had to see what a remap could do for this already faultless car.
After the remap, there's just ~that~ much more power and the engine performance can only bring a bigger smile to your face, because you think can perfection get better? Well, in this case, yes - what an even more fabulous drive this turned out to be!

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Fuel Economy Increase by 14%
Before: 51MPG
After: 58MPG

Power Increase by 29%
Initial: 140BHP
Tuned: 180BHP

Torque Increase by 25%
Initial: 320N·m
Modified: 400N·m

Mileage at the time of Remapping: 62,000 miles

Fuel Economy

This particular model is extremely good with fuel economy with actual values of:
Before Remap - 51MPG
After Remap - 58MPG
Driving in the same cruising condition before and after remap we made 58 MPG on this particular vehicle, over longer periods of driving we think an even higher value could have been achieved. We are delighted with the results these figures show, however, we have taken note that these figures will no doubt vary from vehicle to vehicle.


After the remap, this vehicle gives a 29% increase / +40 BHP improvement to the engine. Together with the customer's consent, GNRS Remapping put together a series of tests on the track to illustrate what exactly these performance figures mean.
Three tests were conducted on the vehicle, both before and after the remap was done. Below shows the summary of the results and what 40 BHP improvement can do, with added mid-range torque & power:

Test Results of VW GOLF 2.0 TDI After a GNRS Remap

Please note the above times could have been improved further for both the original and modified recordings, however, we do not like to use the clutch aggressively. Standstill starts were conducted with take off as smooth as possible.
The Vehicle now has a wider power band with lots of torque from 2000 rpm and power all the way to the 4500 rpm red line.


This car came to GNRS with only 62,000 miles on the clock, which is not much considering it is 2005 model. Customer has maintained this vehicle very well - it is in mint condition. As more mileage is added, GNRS will report back with the customers feedback here.


The car was remapped with the Blue Option. With an increase of 40 BHP after the remap, there is an improvement of 1.06 seconds on the test for 0 to 60mph, and for the test of 0 to 100 mph, a massive improvement of 5.06 seconds. With additional low end, mid-range torque, the vehicle is staggering quick. Lastly, this particular vehicle greatly improved in MPG (each Vehicle will vary), this remap is a no brainer, more power with better fuel economy result. The fuel economy alone would pay for this remap.