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The services offered by GNRS Engineering. All our jobs are done by professional engineers, with quality checks in place.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on +44 (0)24 76 666899, and we would love to be of service to you!

Crank Shaftregrinding / polishing

Journal wear on the conrod and main bearing surfaces cand be repaired, old bearings are replaced with oversize bearings. GNRS can grind and polish to any aftermarket bearing specification; this also includes the bearing thrust dimensions. We are one of the few companies who can grind Subaru Impreza Crankshafts.

Service Prices From: £40.00

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Cylinder BlockBoring & Sleeving

Seized crankshaft (through lack of oil or pressure) can cause the bearings to lock onto the crankshaft resulting in them being forcibly rotated within their housing causing both distortion and wear. Repairing Cylinder Blocks Bored (Cast Iron Bores only) to any Customer Specification. Allowing Clearances for Forged/Cast Pistons.

Service Prices From: £45.00

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Cylinder BlockHoning - with and without deck plating

Cylinder Block Honing is carried out on freshly Bored Cylinder Blocks and also Customers who are on a Budget and only want to Re-Ring there stock sized Pistons, usually a Re-Hone can restore the Cylinder finish

Service Prices From: £20.00

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Cylinder Block & Head Refacing/Skimming

Cylinder Head / Block Skimming available for for Cast Iron or Aluminum Cylinder Heads & Blocks.
Compression ratio measuring/balancing/modifications also available.

Service Prices From: £25.00

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Pressure TestingCylinder Block & Heads

Cylinder heads and blocks pressure tested upto 50psi to detect any cracks within the castings.

Service Prices From: £25.00

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Cylinder ValvesSeat Cutting & Replacement

Valve Seat Cutting in single or three angle form. Available for both Cast Iron and Aluminum Cylinder Heads.
Seat Replacement can also be carried out in Aluminum or Cast Iron Cylinder Heads.

Service Prices From: £2.50 per Seat

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Cylinder ValvesRegrinding

Valve’s Regrinding Service available to suit any angle and stem size.

Service Prices From: £2.50 per Valve

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Cylinder ValvesGuide Replacement

Worn valve guides replacement Service available (usually old valve guide replaced with new item).

Service Prices From: £5.00 per Guide

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Valve ClearanceShim Grinding

Various diametre shims ground to customer specifications.

Service Prices From: £2.50 per Shim

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Brake Disc & Drum And Flywheel Skimming/Lightening

Brake Disc Skimming up to 355mm Diameter        Service Prices From: £10.00 per Disc

Brake Drum Skimming up to 380mm Diameter        Service Prices From: £12.50 per Disc

Flywheel Skimming / Lightening up to 405mm Diameter        Service Prices From: £20.00

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Quality Control

GNRS has a quality control procedure in place, where each and every job, no matter how big or small is checked for it's condition and excellence. This way we can pretty much guarantee our clients that every job is done right. We offer after service support for jobs you may not be completely satisfied with. Just come back, and we will check it for you for free! Now that is service with a smile!